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The renal failure disease !
This terrible test of life !


ATEM activity, the hemodialysis !


We treat kidney injury patients around the world. Thanks to the shipment of our dialysis machines, we are saving these people from certain death. We create dialysis centers and train medical and technical teams on site. We also follow the development of the centers thus created in the long term, by Internet or by phone. We respond as quickly as possible to emergency requests. Our actions are of very good quality and highly recognized by foreign nephrologists.








Creation of hemodialysis center


Our activity resides fundamentally in the creation of hemodialysis centers within foreign hospitals. We design and create complete hemodialysis centers from 5 to 15 stations, anywhere in the world, in just 3 weeks on site. We have the necessary equipment everytime for this achievement. We can also send only equipment for the purpose of replacement, in the foreign hospital service. As a general rule, we bring all our skills, experience, technical advice to plan the different installation projects, from start to finish.

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Equipment reconditioning

We recondition according to manufacturer's specifications, all hemodialysis machines, water treatments, electric dialysis chairs, computers, medical furniture ... Click here to see the equipment ! For this, we have a workshop in Saint Marcel sur Aude - France - where we carry out all the technical restoration tasks of these equipments, before they leave France. We are the only association, in our opinion, that carries out these shipments of medical equipment without border.




Training of staff abroad

We come to your hospital to carry out all the necessary training for your technical or nursing staff. This is a very important step to ensure patient safety, but also to ensure a long life for your equipment.
A well-trained nurse will be able to react quickly to an emergency situation and ensure quality dialysis without untimely interruptions.
At the same time, a technician, an engineer will maintain the equipment for which he is responsible with as much knowledge as possible. You may even notice a technical problem from birth, just during one visit during dialysis cession.


Permanent Internet monitoring

Once back in France, we will not forget you ! A question ? A problem ? Our team is always there to help you solve your problem. Feel free to email us, give us a call. We are there ! Eventually, depending on the importance of the problem, we will go to see you at your hospital.


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