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Since 2001, ATEM France has shipped more than 33 containers of high technical value medical equipment, all reconditioned and controlled. More than 330 electric medical beds shipped, 233 viscoelastic mattresses, 313 hemodialysis machines (Hospal, Frésénius, Gambro, Nikkiso ...), 23 water treatment equipment (Sfec, Lopez, Gambro, Permo ...), wheels chair, treatment tablets, dialysis scales, comfort chairs ... Only well-loaded containers !


Our expeditions are of high quality !

In just 3 weeks on site, we create your dialysis center !

Nothing is missing for the realization of your hemodialysis centers !



2001 - February-March : installing 7 hemodialysis machines in Havana- Cuba

2002 - Installing 7 supplementary stations of dialyse (3 in Trigo hospital in Havana, 4 at Aleida Fernandez Chardiet in Guines) Cuba

2002 - March- Creating dialyse center of 10 stations in Venezuela

2002 - September End of the mission in Venezuela, personal training

2003 - Restructuring of our website - Creation of the Hotline service of technical support

2005 - March and August , 2 send (container) of medical materials in Kaboul - Afghanistan - Hospital 'La mère et l'Enfant' Association "Enfants Afghans" sponsored by Muriel Robin

2005 - May, Shipping medical equipment to Morocco with the humanitarian organization Basco Bearnaise AHB

2005 - October, Creating five stations of hemodialysis in Vietnam - Viet Tiep Hopital

2006 - September, Creating an hemodialysis center of 10 stations with European standards in Vietnam

2008 - February, Installing the water treatment Bi-Osmose PERMO in Cambodia and 15 stations of hemodialysis

2009 - From February to March, Creating of complete hemodialysis center (14 stations) with European standards in Ecuador

2009 - Preparation and emergency sending (by plane) of 4 hemodialysis completly renovated generator to Yalgado Ouedrango hospital, Ouagadougou- Burkina Faso

2010 - June, installating of the water treatment CWP 100 Gambro and 18 Gambro machines AK 200 in Phnom Penh

2010 - November, Create hemodialysis center in Phnom Penh, 17 positions

2010 - Creating the dialysis center in Moldova. 6 stations including water treatment. Containers already arrived on site.

2011 - 2012 - Two years devoted to the international solidarity help. Support and reinforcement training and technical assistance.

2012 - 2014 Shipping 3 containers of urgent humanitarian material. (2 x 20 foot and 1 of 40 foot) Several transfers for technical support and training on site

2015 - 2017 Expedition of materials to Cambodia

2018 - Year very rich in collections of medical equipment

2019 - Expedition, creation of a dialysis unit in Venezuela. Travel in Africa

2020 - In relation to the emergence of the COVID 19 Virus, all international borders have been closed. ATEM France cannot ship its humanitarian containers. Subsequently, the virus spreads around the world, our agents cannot come to help you on the spot. Our stocks are growing and we are faced with a new problem: How long will the situation last ? Hopefully we will be able to respond again and quickly to the requests we register.





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